Director ID is a new service in public beta. Please tell us if you have feedback or contact us if you need support.

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We are progressively updating this website. Before contacting us, we recommend using the search function to check whether the information you need is available.

Phone us

You can phone us between 8.00am and 6.00pm Monday to Friday.

  • If you are in Australia, phone 13 62 50.
  • If you are calling from overseas, phone +61 2 6216 3440.
  • If you have difficulty speaking or understanding English, you can call the Translating and Interpreting Service (TIS National) on 13 14 50 between 8.00am and 5.00pm (AEST) Monday to Friday. If you are calling from overseas, phone +61 3 9268 8332. The service will then call us with an interpreter, so we can help with your query.
  • If you find it hard hearing or speaking with people who use a phone, the National Relay Service (NRS) can help you. To register with the NRS, or for more information, visit the NRS website.

Questions we may ask you

To establish your identity, we will ask you questions based on your tax or superannuation information, including information from third parties and other government departments.

This may include details from ATO letters or notices that have been issued to you, details from a tax return, or other information that will help us verify your identity.

We may also ask you to confirm details of identity documents, such as your driver's licence, Medicare card or passport, and to consent to us checking those documents with the issuing authority.

Write to us

You can write to us at:

Australian Business Registry Services
Locked Bag 6000

How we protect your information

When speaking to you about your director ID or other business registry details, we must be certain of your identity.

To verify your identity, we will use information from Australian Taxation Office (ATO) records that the Registrar is authorised to access. We may also ask you for your Australian tax file number (TFN). You don’t have to give us this, but it will help us find your information faster.